Coastal Summer Collection

Summer is now one kindle away from your homes! Whether you live far or near the beach, our new Coastal Summer Collection will bring you the aromas that will light up memories of that one fine summer.



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Creating · Connecting · Inspiring

House of Art and Craft, LLC was created in 2016 by Steysy Clark, a black Latina woman in Boston, infused with love and family tradition to connect with people from different walks of life as inspired by her childhood summers in the Costa Rican farms.

House of Art and Craft, LLC, as illustrated in its logo, is a reflection of Steysy's home, where she warmly welcomes and treats everyone as her family and friends. All the people she connected with through her business can attest that she prioritizes and focuses on building a life-long connection through all the produced high-quality products, and the inspiring and informative workshops she organizes.

Self-Care and Overall Well-Being Must-Haves

Here are our must-haves if self-care is your top priority.


Discover the beauty of products created from all natural, enticing aromas that will surely set the mood and fill your homes with unique fragrances you can associate with memories!



Learn about arts and crafts through our fun, informative and interactive workshops that will surely connect you more with your friends and loved ones! There’s always something new to try!



Join us in inspiring more people to appreciate the beauty of arts and crafts! There’s always something good in sharing a good experience with a friend!


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