Our Story

House of Art and Craft, LLC was created in 2016 by Steysy Clark, a black Latina woman in Boston, infused with love and family tradition to connect with people from different walks of life as inspired by her childhood summers in the Costa Rican farms. Before this, Steysy Clark has been a part of the healthcare/pharmaceutical industry for over 15 years. Even as a full-time employee, she already started part-time jobs related to her arts and crafts passion. Eventually, realizing the potential of this humble passion project as it grew exponentially, Steysy opened her first brick-and-mortar space in Brighton, Massachusetts, that welcomed over a thousand customers both in retail and workshop in its first year.

House of Art and Craft, LLC, as illustrated in its logo, is a reflection of Steysy's home, where she warmly welcomes and treats everyone as her family and friends. All the people she connected with through her business can attest that she prioritizes and focuses on building a life-long connection through all the produced high-quality products, and the inspiring and informative workshops she organizes.

The three core goals of the business are to first, build a brand that has a conscious approach to self-care products by using the finest, ethically sourced, high-quality natural ingredients that are less toxic than its counterparts in the market; second, to prioritize its customers’ overall well-being through handcrafted products that cater to their emotions and needs; and lastly, to ensure that all released products have a lower impact in the environment throughout its life cycle. To guarantee the quality of all handcrafted products, Steysy intentionally produces them in small batches.

With almost a decade of House of Art and Craft, Steysy still stays true to her roots, from her upbringing in the Costa Rican farms and experience in the medical field, and kept in mind her goals in building her business - to change the way people think about the products they’re bringing into their homes; and, to continue fostering the community as well as visitors from other states through informative workshops and sustainable, handcrafted goods. The pledge to curate products that stimulate creativity and foster connections underscoring Steysy’s commitment to enhancing people's lives beyond just providing goods. House of Art and Craft, LLC is more than a business; it's a beacon of mindful living and cultural celebration.