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Gerly's Ice-Cream Workshop

Gerly's Ice-Cream Workshop

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Gerly’s Ice Cream Making Workshop offers a unique experience centered around crafting premium ice creams from scratch, using only real, high-quality ingredients. Participants will delve into the history of ice cream, exploring its origins and earliest flavors, before unleashing their creativity to craft their own signature ice cream flavor. With options like French Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, or Mint Ice Cream bases, along with three toppings of choice, the possibilities are endless. The ice cream bases and toppings are nut-free and sesame-free, and attendees also have the option to choose whether to use eggs or not; dairy or oatmilk in their ice cream. Additionally, guests will have the opportunity to sample six flavors from Gerly’s Ice Cream Shop, accompanied by a beverage of choice. Each participant will leave with a Gerly’s Goodie bag, complete with a pint of their choice, the pint they crafted, a souvenir photo, and an ice cream recipe card. It’s a hands-on, educational, and delicious experience for all ice cream enthusiasts!

Here's what's included in Gerly's Ice Cream Workshop:

- Guided instruction from a workshop instructor

- Sampling of Philadelphia and French Style ice creams

- A complimentary six-scoop flight of Gerly’s Ice Cream

- A complimentary beverage (soda, water, lemonade, or apple juice)

- One pint of your own vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, or mint-based ice cream flavor

- Recipe card with instructions to recreate your signature flavor

- Take-home photo of your experience

- All necessary ice cream making equipment

Some important details to note:

- Ice cream makers should arrive 15 minutes early for check-in. Late arrivals may not be able to participate.

- The workshop involves standing and cooking for most of the class. If you require accommodation, please contact before the workshop.

- Each participant must have a paid seat to stay on premises during the workshop; observers are not allowed.

Observers are not allowed

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