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Everyday Herbal Bath Tea Blend

Everyday Herbal Bath Tea Blend

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The benefit of taking a herbal tea bath is to feel beautiful and relaxed. With this lightly scented smell of blended herbal teas, you are bound to fall in love with taking baths. This bath soak has no oils or fragrance, but the herbs have a natural scent. So go ahead light your favorite candle, sip your wine and enjoy a luxurious bath that you well enough deserve.

Caution: Keep out of pet and children reach. These are not for ingestion or to add to warmers with oils.

Note Profile

This all-natural tea comes with a natural aroma.

Product Details

Ingredientes: Chamomile, Rose Petals, Juniper Berries, Rosemary and Spearmint.

Makes 3 baths.

Weight: 2 oz / 57 g

Glass Jar w/ White Metal Lid

How To Use

To prepare your Herbal Bath Tea: Run a bath with water as hot as you can. Fill compostable tea bag (included) with 1/3 of the blend. Add to your bath and let "steep" until the water is cool enough to touch. Breathe deeply and soak.


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