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English Garden Reed Diffuser | The Pretty In You Collection

English Garden Reed Diffuser | The Pretty In You Collection

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Enjoy fresh botanical garden notes highlighted, into a classy bottle. Aromas to fall in love with, while traveling up reed sticks to spread the freshness of floral fauna and the richness of vanilla in your home. Definitely, a bursting bouquet of blossoming delight.

Top Note: Lily of the Valley, Green Leaves, Pear
Middle Note: Lilac, Rose, Jasmine
Base Note: Vanilla, Carnation
    • Handmade and label in small batches
    • 6.5 oz square sleek glass bottle with smooth, glossy silver cap
    • 6 harvested dracon reed sticks
    • Phthalate - Free fragrance and essential oils
    • Reed diffuser last up 3 months, with proper care

Reed diffuser will arrive with a plug that seals the bottle. A gloss collar will be screwed onto the threaded bottleneck. Simply, unscrew and unplug the seal. Then insert reeds into the bottle, allow the fragrance to absorb for an hour, then flip the reeds. 


Flip over reed sticks every 1-2 weeks to enhance the fragrance, coming from the reeds.

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