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Delightful Sunrise | Candle

Delightful Sunrise | Candle

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Enjoy burning a candle with refreshing blends that combined evokes earthy notes, tangy sweetness of lemonade. and rich warmth of honey. Your mornings will be filled with invigorating and rejuvenating aromas as the sun rise.

Note Profile

Top Notes: Bergamot, Honey, Ginger Zest
Middle Notes: Lemon Verbena, Jasmine Tea, Violet Leaf
Bottom Notes: Matcha Powder, Lemonade, Pear Skin

Candle Details

• Soy wax blend
• Phthalate free
• Paraben free
• Cruelty free
• Carcinogen free
• Eco-friendly (children and pet)
• Crackling wood wick
• Hand poured in small batches in Boston
• 12oz metal paint can | reusable tin
• Approximately 60+ hours burn time

Candle Care

• For the first burn, please allow your candle to burn for 3-4 hours, or until the entire top layer of wax is fully liquified.
• Remember to trim your wood wick to approximately 3/16" and clean off any burnt wood from previous use.
• Do not burn your candles for more than 4 hours at a time, this will keep your candle container from becoming too hot and potentially a fire hazard.
• Place candle on a stable, heat resistant surface away from flammable objects before lighting.

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