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Ceramic Wax Melt & Fragrance Warmer

Ceramic Wax Melt & Fragrance Warmer

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No worries if you are not into candle burning! you can now enjoy and relax while this ceramic glazed burner warms up your favorite scented wax melt or essential oils. The perfect way to refresh your living space.


Deep dish to hold wax melts or essential oils
Space for tea light candle


Wax Melt- Place lit tea light into the designated space on the warmer. Drop one cube/piece of wax melt into the deep area of the dish of the warmer. Let it melt and aroma your space.

Essential oil- Fill the deep portion of the warmer with water just bellow the brim full, add 3 to 5 drops of scented oil. **Never use undiluted oils by itself**


Keep burning candles out of children and pets reach. Do not leave tea light unattended. Note the ceramic will become hot, do not pick up while hot and  handle with care.

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