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Ceramic Candle Dish & Warmer 2 IN | GRAY TEXTURE

Ceramic Candle Dish & Warmer 2 IN | GRAY TEXTURE

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Enjoy year around fragrances, without the flame from a burning candle spreading aromas through the room. You will love the semi-rough textured ceramic, that resembles brush concrete offset with a soft matte white dish.The perfect addition to a great counter top.

    Product Details

    • On/Off switch with light indicator
    • Can be used as a candle Warmer plate or wax melts to the dish
    • Candle or wax chips can be left on all day
    • 18 ounce or smaller candles recommended
    two styles to choose from Slate Gray/Midas gold accent

    How To Use

    • Remove lid from candle before using
    • Place on level, heat resistant, stain resistant surface
    • Turn off Candle Warmer when not in use or when unattended
    • Turn off and unplug Candle Warmer before cleaning
    • Keep out of reach of children. Use only tempered glass or metal containers
    • Some Candles tend to overflow while melting so please watch carefully

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